CoPedvic Bug Zapper Electronic Mosquito Zapper 【2021 Newest】 Insect Killer, Fly Trap Mosquito Killer, Home Night Lamp 6000 Sq.Ft Coverage 2800v Grid 20w Bulbs Great for Commercial Industrial Use

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Product Description

bug zapperbug zapper

bug zapper outdoorbug zapper outdoor

How does it work?

The CoPedvic Electronic Insect Zapper works by attracting flying insects with its high-intensity UV light and octenol lure. As insects are attracted to the glowing blue light, they pass through a vertical rod electrified grid and are shocked quickly and cleanly.

Its intelligent light-operating design is more effective than the common mosquito insect trap.

With the inclusion of a 2*10W bulb, constant, the instantaneous operation is activated.

indoor bug zapperindoor bug zapper


This physical mosquito zapper consumed less energy and found to be safe.

Its operation utilizes a stable blue light source for attracting mosquitoes. In its preparation, toxic chemicals are absent, so comprehensive safety is assured.

What’s more, its operation prevents the long-lasting expense and hassle of chemical insecticides.

electric bug zapperelectric bug zapper

Wide Coverage:

The 360-degree comprehensive anti-mosquito protection is offered through the energy-saving LED light and the 365-nm precision light wave.

It operates at the 6000 sq ft radius for effective removal of mosquitoes and bugs.


bug zapper

bug zapper

bug zapper

bug zapper

bug zapper

bug zapper

Easy to Clean

It has an easy to clean tray at the bottom and it’s lightweight and easy to move around.

Remember when cleaning the tray, move very slowly so all the light bug carcasses don’t go falling out.

Long Lifespan

This insect trap is efficient.

The two-bulb is designed for years of use and it is replaceable!

Easy to replace it when it reached its lifespan.

Simple Installation

Plug it in, turn it on, and all done. Come home to find the little tray under the light FILLED with the little bugs. Enjoy your family time without annoying mosquitoes every summer.

bug zapperbug zapper

Very effective in killing bugs. Uses a professional UV Black light instead of a UV White light like many on the market today, making it stand out for its unique capability to work perfectly. The Bug zapper is effective against flies, moths mosquitoes and many other kinds of insects. 2,800V shock Electrocutes even the toughest indoor flying bugs. If you find your home infested with all types of flying bugs, then it will be your best option.
Large coverage up to 6,000 sq. Feet, so you can sit peacefully in indoor locations without worrying about getting bitten anymore. The LED Bug zapper is affordable and great for use in summer when you want to have some great time sitting on your patio and yard.
Extremely easy to use, two way to install! Just press the ON button and CoPedvic insect traps will begin to work! The fly trap is able to be hung on the wall with the included chain, or sit upright on any flat surface. The innovative collection drawer enables easy collection and cleaning of bug. The flying Bug Killer can be safely be used at school, in the kitchen or in your shop.
100% SAFETY & NO HARMFUL. The electronic bug zapper use to attract bugs other than any chemical materials, the method is safer and there is no chemical health risk associated with this method. It is safe to be placed around children. The sturdy housing also has a firm grid design to prevent children and animals from touching the electrified grids inside the device.
100% SATISFACTION & EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. The Black UV light bulb is long lasting and you can use this device both day and night. However, WE SUGGEST YOU USE IT IN DARK PLACES WHERE THE LED LIGHT IS CLEARLY VISIBLE. What’s more, you get a FULL TIME WARRANTY and 3 YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for your investment. Please feel free to contact us if you have any request, we will solve your problem within 24 hours!


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